This page is a list of topics which this wiki should have pages for, but does not. Once a page is made, or the content accurately described, remove it from this list. Note that if a topic is highlighted in black, with green text, the matter has a content on the main Code Lyoko Wiki.

Easter Egg pagesEdit

  • Full list of all vignettes, including how to find them
  • List of images obtainable in Kadic's playground

Platform Specific TopicsEdit

Interface Documentation: PS2Edit

  • Odd
  • Ulrich
  • Yumi
  • NavSkids
  • Menus

Interface Documentation: PSPEdit

  • Odd
  • Ulrich
  • Yumi
  • NavSkids
  • Menus

Software topicsEdit

Software BugsEdit

  • Platform-independent bugs in Quest For Infinity.
  • PSP version bugs
  • PS2 version bugs
  • Wii version bugs

Software BackendsEdit

  • a directory by directory list of the files on the QFI optical disks, and what the files are.
  • Known hacks for any version of QFI


  • PS2 version Cheats
  • PSP version Cheats

"Note that a Wii list has already been made"


  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the game.
  • How to get every picture and vignette.

Show/Game variationEdit

  • Phenomenon on Lyoko specific to the game.
  • List of continuity errors and divergences in the game.
  • List of game-specific monsters.

Internationalization topicsEdit

  • List of names for Quest For Infinity in other languages.
  • List of language packs.
  • Regional restrictions.


  • Complete maps of every level
  • A list of cutscenes.
  • An approximate copy of the QFI version of the holomap


  • Instructions about how to emulate QFI on platforms other than the native ones.